John E. Sahhar
   Locality:  Manhattan, New York
   Work:      +1-760-803-2155
   btc:       3N1Mu5dQx8LAD9BJN2XgDDL778XW6q14P4
   eth:       0x11F947f855A3D3C75c53Bc1010Ea3da13A508FA8
   zec:       t1geTbRDyU4xx81SFj2iiWizF1UstrSAA8L
   ltc:       MLDqdFyGakMxo2nxWj5GBUBxRjTbeUjkEe
   usdc:      0xD4932E369530AB04321251113c953fE07C88BdDD
   The aforementioned crypto addresses 
   are tied to my legal name attached 
   to a crypto financial institution 
   in the U.S. that uses my legal 
   identity and bank account.
   The maximum withdrawl limit 
   on the account is 25k/day.
   If any of my work has benefitted 
   you, a legal donation is welcomed. 
   Originating from California, 
   I embarked on my professional 
   journey at an early age of five, 
   primarily with the Linux Kernel. 
   Spanning over two decades, 
   I have gained extensive experience 
   from prestigious organizations 
   such as Oculus Rift and Amazon Alexa, 
   as well as progressive startups like 
   Gravitl, Karat, and Entropy. My 
   specialization extends across both 
   closed and open-source industries, 
   beginning with my early exposure 
   to the open-source community through 
   projects like RuneLite and SoulSplit. 
   I have also excelled in designing 
   embedded systems for medical-grade 
   EEG manufacturers and developing 
   tools for mind studies for 
   the neuroscience department at UCSB.

   In the cryptocurrency arena, I have 
   made substantial contributions to 
   Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Ethereum, 
   and managed one of Washington's 
   largest crypto mines for several 
   years. At present, I am part of the 
   trailblazing team at Entropy, which recently 
   secured funding of twenty-five million dollars. 
   We are currently developing advanced threshold 
   cryptography systems for decentralized 
   asset custody on the blockchain.

   My international presence is further fortified 
   by my bare metal colocation at nearly all Tier 1 
   Internet Exchange points globally. 
   This, combined with my unique industry connections 
   and insights into the cyber landscape, 
   distinguishes me in the field. My unique 
   perspective and knowledge base, refined over 
   two decades of kernel, crypto, and security work, 
   are highly regarded by executive 
   leaders of U.S. organizations across various sectors.

   On a personal note, I am a passionate big wave surfer, 
   having conquered renowned waves such as CloudBreak, 
   Teahupoo, Waimea Bay, and Jaws, inspired by my father's 
   footsteps. Music has also been a lifelong passion of mine. 
   I play Bass, Drums, Piano, and contributed to the development 
   of the popular electronic modular Synthesizer, Serum by 
   Steve Duda. I have had the privilege of touring as a DJ 
   for two years and collaborating in the studio with 
   respected artists such as Depeche Mode, Dizzy Wright, 
   GHOSTMANE, Brennan Savage, Sonny Moore, DESERT HEARTS, 
   RUFUS DU SOL, and the legendary Jeff Bridges. I have 
   performed at Burning Man, Lightning in a Bottle, 
   DO-LAB @ COACHELLA, DIRTYBIRD, and Woogie Weekend. 
   Although my touring days are behind me, I continue 
   to enjoy playing the keyboard occasionally or composing 
   a song in Ableton for leisure.
   If you'd like to hire me, or have a general inquiry feel free 
   to use the contact information above.